MedTracker is a complexity free application that records the dates and times over-the-counter or prescription medications have been taken.

For someone taking prescription medications it’s not uncommon to miss the correct time to take the medication. By tracking the actual time medication was taken in a single view and with a single button it is easy to determine the best time to take the next dose.

Families with multiple children will appreciate MedTrackers ability to keep track of multiple medications for multiple children and easily see when medications should be taken. For the busy parent, consumption history can be added after the fact.

All of us, with busy life's, take a pill and then sometime later can't remember exactly when or if we took it. It’s typical to ask the question, "When did I take that aspirin?", or "Did I take my vitamins today?" By adding the simple step of pressing one button in the front view of MedTracker it becomes clear when the medication was taken and when the next dose should be taken.


- Multiple people.

- Multiple medications.

- Multiple dosages for single medication.

- Time or event dosages.

- Edit consumption history.

- Overdue doses shown in main window.

- Manually add consumption history.

- Export to CSV file for use in spreadsheets.



Universal iPod, iPhone, iPad.  Requires iOS™ 4.2 or later. English only.


Support & Suggestions

2.3 - 20 September 2013

  1. BulletMisc iOS 7 bug fixes.

2.2 - 13 June 2013 - Notification bug fixes.

2.1 - 17 January 2013 - Add sounds and manual reordering.

2.0 - 3 December 2012 - Local notifications, export summary

1.5 - 10 April 1012 - Edit history, export.

1.4 - 7 February 2011 - Misc bug fixes


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The information kept by MedTracker is stored in a local database on your device and includes the information shown in the screen views.  This application and database can be backed up by iTunes, may reside on your computer, and may be subject to Apple's privacy policies.  The application also depends on iAd, an Apple product which may have its own privacy policies.  

Fairwinds Software did not include any programming in the application nor are we aware of any that sends any of the information in the database to anyone including ourselves.  In addition, it is possible to use MedTracker without it containing any personally identifiable information.  The patient name is not required and may be an alias or nickname.